Sunday, October 18, 2009

God's Word above all things, 30 Seps 2008

30 Sept 2008

Looking back over the busy past few weeks, this is something that sticks in my mind. The denomination we belong to back in SA has as its motto “God’s Word above all things”. In our travels all over the place, this has been something that has been ringing in our minds and hearts. Grant got rather short notice that he was to attend the Baraza Kuu (”Big meeting”) of Aic. All the districts’ executive members had to be there, so the week of 6 Oct saw us all going to Nairobi. We were so encouraged that proposed changes to the church’s constitution didn’t take place and that God’s Word prevailed that we didn’t even mind the quick down and up trip.

Next came a small breather, a work-holiday the week of 13 Oct, with our friends the Knowles. We spent a week in the rented house in Nanyuki (by Mt Kenya), our new supply base. Grant, Temple and the older kidscompletely redid the kitchen, while Beth and I cooked and cleaned. The evenings there was time for movies, ice cream and nyama choma (burned meat;). We also had some great times in God’s Word, enjoying rich fellowship.

We had hardly arrived in Korr and were still packing out when we were packing in again. The week of 20 Oct saw all of us in Korr (Nick, Lynne, Grant, Loutjie, the kids and our fellow missionaries the Propsts) go off to Kerungu. It was time for our prayer days with other missionaries in the North. This time it took the format of a consultation on how to reach Nomadic peoples. There was a lot of discussion and certainly not agreement on every point:) But we came away being strengthened and so excited about the Word of God! Grant and I were again convicted that what Nothern Kenya needs is God’s Word taught well to some faithful ones, so that they in turn can teach others. While we were in Kerungu, Grant flew back to Korr on the Wed to welcome some folks who were making a video on the Bible school. When he came back, he was also able to meet with the 2 young guys from Australia who will be leading the short term team to Korr in Dec.

This week started out with us Monday 27 Oct, in Ngurunit. We went to fetch Lesantan and Grant had a planning meeting for the Branch youth camp coming up in December. The Australian team will be helping and Grant and some of the other guys are going to teach through the book of Ephesians.

Tomorrow is test time and Lesantan has been studying hard for it. Galatians is all done and so is the study on Leadership. It seems that the tests are wonderful times for review and we are praying that God will hide His Word in Lesantan’s heart.