Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Bush and Bible sort of describes our time in Laisamis last weekend.
Bible, because this time one day was dedicated to Bible training and one day to the business meeting.
Grant (see left) taught on church unity on Friday, 12 Sept.
Bush, since we were camping on the church compound (see photo), us ladies cooking for the 22+ men on an open fire.
Things got rather hot in more than one way. Laisamis is a really hot place, cooking on an open fire doesn't help and even in the Branch meeting things were getting pretty hot.
That is, there were some hard discussions. There is (like in any culture) a huge battle going on re whether one should take the Bible seriously in all respects (e.g. Church Discipline) or not.
Please pray for ongoing growth and maturity in both us, the missionaries and these dear brothers whom we seek to serve.